Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shawn Christian
Comcast Women's Expo
Hartford, Conn.
September 22-23, 2012

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Sue Coflin/Max Photos  ~  09-22-12 Shawn Christian with Kettlebell girls & fans Connecticut Women's Expo


Connecticut Women's Expo 2012

 "Elana Meets Shawn Christian"

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just asked me what my name was... Its Juliana!

fans!! ...I met the handsome at the CT Women's Expo today!
From this weekend at the women's expo !! With days of our lives Shawn Christian !!!

CT expo w/ girls, our own KB fan & Travel Channel star & frm Days of Our Lives

Thanks for attending today!

Today I learned has tons of swag. Look at him rocking my sunglasses.

Pleasure to meet you today!

signing autographs in Ct. Super sweet guy and super hot!

Met Shawn Christian today, Aka Daniel Jonas from Days Of Our Lives. Such an awesome guy. (: — with @extremekathie, @ShawnC4Real

me and today! super nice guy (:

Great to have met you today at the CT Women's Expo Center!

Awesome meeting you today! Your personality compliments your acting talent. I will forever be a fan :)

it was really nice meeting you. Hopefully u won't forget about us and take another trip this way :)

3 weeks in a row!!! So nice to see you again yesterday at the CT expo!! You are the sweetest guy!!!

9/23/12 Autograph from soap star Shawn Christian. :3

I must be dreaming. Nope its really happening. at the