Friday, October 4, 2013

Shawn Christian
"The Fountain of Youth" 
    Writer Jon Maas continues the <---SPANNERS---> series with his
soon to be published "The Fountain of Youth"
Shawn's character, 8,000 year old  'Adam Parr' resurfaces in yet another exciting Sci-fi adventure. 

<---Spanners---> The Fountain of Youth
"When one of Adam's old adversaries uncovers the most powerful and deadly spanner in history, it is up to Adam and Mayfly to take her back before she unleashes power and ends the world as we know it" ~ Writer, Jon Mass

Actor Shawn Christian met Jon on the set of the movie "Spanners," a film in which he served as both star and Executive Producer. Shawn serves as a creative consultant on all Spanners-related projects.

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