Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shawn Christian Event
Sunset Cruise
Friday, June 1st 8-11pm
Newport Beach, Ca

Renee's Fan Experience 
     Friday, June 1st was a very special night for some lucky Shawn Christian fans . That was the night the "Jonas Family Cruise" set off on a 3 hour tour of Newport Harbor. 
     As the sun began to set , 20 excited fans gathered on the pier anticipating the arrival of Shawn, Molly & Crystal . Right around eight the stars arrived greeting their fans with hellos & even some hugs. We boarded a two story boat called the "Showboat" complete with a 2 person crew. The captain backed out of the slip and we were off to cruise Newport Harbor. As the boat pulled away from shore the fans & the stars began to mingle, enjoy some drinks and have some appetizers, pizza & salad. The boat motored along the shore and as darkness fell most of us went up the spiral staircase to the open -air deck . We gathered into little groups with our favorite star as the cool ocean breeze hit our faces. Since I am a big fan of Shawn this event was an incredible opportunity to spend quality time with him talking about many different things. Shawn & his group of fans had fun chatting, sipping cocktails and marveling at the mansions lining the shore. We took lots of pictures and listened to the music Molly had selected .  
     As the evening wrapped up we gathered downstairs for dessert, took more pictures & got autographs from Shawn,Molly & Crystal . Around 11:30 the boat made it's way back to the pier signaling the end of another fabulous Shawn Christian fan event !! Shawn and his co-stars said their good byes & gave lots of hugs to their fans.

     Many thanks to Shawn, Molly and Crystal for taking time out of their busy schedules to hang out with some of their fans. Also a round of applause to Kelly for organizing such a great event.  I look forward  anxiously to the next Shawn Christian fan event!  ~ Renee