Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shawn Christian Fan Event to Benefit
"Bert's Big Adventure"
Atlanta, GA
Friday, April 
 27, 2012    

Speakers, Wine Tasting & Raffles!

Shawn Welcoming Everyone! 

 Terence speaks on Children's Charity
"Bert's Big Adventure" 

Shawn checking out the luscious Desserts!

Thank You Amusing Treats!
The Wine Tasting Session Begins

There should be no "stuff" floating
on top of your wine!

A few items from the 'International' Raffle table! Jewelry for the event was donated  from @Deansmum who lives in Australia and the Artist Sketch of Shawn was donated from @Hannahsky a Shawn Christian fan from Italy! 

AlyciaRashea showing off a beautiful necklace!

Shawn signing a Days 45 Book!

Shawn modeling his Dr. Daniel scrub top from the silent auction!

Lots of Raffle Fun!

The lucky winner of Shawn's scrub top...Becky!

Shawn & Teresa **note the star in Teresa's hair.. it denotes that each guest was an honorary Fairy Godparent for the evening!

Last group shot... ending a great night!