Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shawn Christian Fan Event to Benefit
"Bert's Big Adventure"
Atlanta, GA
Friday, April 
 27, 2012   
Photo Gallery
Shawn meeting Maddie!

Shawn meets Maddie!

Maddie checks out Shawn's bracelets

Maddie & Shawn making a plan....

Shawn with Maddie's Family

The Gentleman on the left is Terence , a Bert's Big Adventure Fairy Godparent!
Fairy Godparents will visit with the children when they are in the hospital for an extended stay.  

Shawn with  Event Planner, Molly & Maddie
Molly is also a Fairy Godparent!

Shawn working on his sign language skills

Maddie planning her take down move

And it worked!