Sunday, April 29, 2012

Twitter Photos 2012
HAPPY FRIDAY! Enjoy.....(courtesy of the ever delectable ) XO
Thank you so much for my flowers and strawberries!! 
Luckily I found them before got um all! :P

2012.06.20  @MauraWest The Gang 
2012.06.22 : This is what happens when you mess with the Heat!
And some people just want to get their hands on you!! Lucky me!!
2012.06.28 Shawn Christian@ShawnC4real
Sssshhh...My hiding spot in the vineyard.
Escaping. Made it to the Hearst Castle pool so far. How much if I jump in...?  
2012.08.03 Shawn Christian ‏@ShawnC4real
Coffee in the misty mountain tops.
2012.08.03 Shawn Christian@ShawnC4real
Found a beach...with a waterfall shower.

2012.08.03 Shawn Christian@ShawnC4real
Darkness rolls in...
2012.08.04 Shawn Christian@ShawnC4real
A night of sleeping beneath the cathedral of Redwoods.

2012.08.04 Shawn Christian@ShawnC4real
A couple of my favorite things...nature and art. What a lovely set of trees.

2012.08.05 Shawn Christian@ShawnC4real
Risk one of the great tonics to the soul. Let's see if I'm awake.

2012.08.06 Shawn Christian@ShawnC4real
Road Trip. Gratitude.
Cast and cake.
A night at the race track. It's so loud I can't hear what I'm tweeting.
Found a beach bar! Live music and damn good margarita. A good start to Labor day/week...
Sorry. Props to the band Buddy Twist doing Cage the Elephant "Ain't no rest for the wicked."
My view to the pin on the 15th hole. I've spent most of the day of playing in the rough. :/
In frustration my golf partner has locked me in here. Time to serve my penance.
Drifting asleep on a boat...with a big nightlight. Goodnight.
great seeing you at the tigers game Saturday night
Diva Bitch! The things you see at a local Farmers Market...
These first class seats are fabulous. Thank you Boston. is still "searched."

He's very impressed with all the facts!

"Come Dr. Jonas your wounded finger." Happy BDay !!

Tweeting with my fav doctor ; ))
A quick view of the NYC skyline before I head back to LA. Should be there sometime tomorrow morning...Thank you CT!

Outdoor movie night under a full-moon and stars! ...and a shameless plug to my employer.

A morning at the Farmers Market in a light sprinkle of rain.

Awaiting the Hollywood Christmas parade....bring on the snow!!

Working in the Horton square ; ))

After a day on set of being "punished"- I may actually have welts- Xmas tree lighting ceremony could be healing...

Maybe I'll take more punishment in the ice rink....

it was a pleasure meeting you at the Clippers game tonight!

Checkout (Dr. Daniel Jonas) in the !
Yes, I've been busy, but what's that phrase..!? You can have your cake and...?
Happy Birthday to our dear friend shawnc4real! Send him some bday love today! ericmartsolf

Santa Time! ...and his Lil' Elf.