Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shawn Christian Fan Event to Benefit
"Bert's Big Adventure"
Decatur, GA
Friday, April 
 27, 2012 
   Shawn Christian had the privilege to host an informal benefit dinner for  "Bert's Big Adventure" held at the Harbour Bar and Fish House in Decatur, Ga. Proceeds from this evening benefit children between the ages of 5 and 12 stricken with a chronic/terminal illness or who are physically challenged  the opportunity to experience an all-expenses paid magical weekend at Walt Disney World with their parents and siblings as the guests of the foundation. Once a family attends the Walt Disney trip, they are Bert’s Big Adventure families for life.  
       The evening began with Shawn meeting Maddie, a beautiful young lady who is now a life time member of the Bert's Big Adventure family. Shawn noted how Maddie never stopped smiling!  Maddie's family along with Fairy Godparent Terence Morris delivered heartwarming stories of  the  foundation.  
    The evening also included appetizers, a wine tasting session, dinner, scrumptious desserts, raffles and a silent auction. Check out these photos Galleries from the event!

Shawn & Maddie at the
Shawn Christian Fan Event to Benefit
Bert's Big Adventure

Maddie received a special phone call
a few days after the Event.
Shawn called to wish her a very
Happy Birthday!

 Photo Galleries
Shawn meeting Maddie
Shawn greeting Fans!
Speakers, Wine tasting & raffles! 
Bert's Big Adventure Gallery & Donation Recap 
Photos Courtesy of Rebecca Summers   
Photos Courtesy of Renee S @islanma60 page 1
Photos Courtesy of  Renee S @islanma60 page 2
Photos Courtesy of Molly Brandenberger page 1
Photos courtesy of Molly Brandenberger page  2
Photos Courtesy of Molly Brandenberger page 3
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